Blinging Beads

Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 5:20 PM
I finally have produced 3 more sets I just posted on eBay.  A couple of the sets have a bright bling to them.  The other set has a couple of the dichroic beads in it, but also has the golden metallic effect applied to alot of the beads. 
Hopefully this year I won't be such a hard critic on my beads. Because of my perfectionism, I have tossed so many beads out my studio window into the surrounding flower bed. I'll catch my mom on occasion, pilfering through the flower bed picking up my "reject beads". Next thing I find is her wearing them on her necklace. The funny part is I often question why I tossed alot of the beads once I see them strung on a piece of jewelry. Hopefully this year I will ease up on my perfectionism and produce more beads to sale.  Better yet, maybe I will make all perfect beads and won't have to toss any more. Maybe one day.............