Sunday, December 26, 2010 at 8:16 PM
Something strange is stuck in the snow... 

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Wake Forest, NC
December 25-26, 2010
The last time Raleigh, NC had any accumulation of snow on Christmas Day was 63 years ago, in the year 1947.  I know it is no big deal for parts of the world that receive snow annually, but where we live, snow is not common, especially this time of year.  In fact, we have gone many winters with no measureable amount of snow.  It has been fun watching the kids build snowmen and sledding down the hills in the neighborhood. 

However, we did have one sad but funny situation happen this morning.  After it had been snowing all night, the kids bolted out the door at the first sign of light. They were playing around, taking advantage of the whole snow thing, when my daughter noticed something sticking out of the snow.  She noticed it was moving a little bit so she ran to see what it was.  Apparently some of our silkie chickens some how got stuck in the snow and the only thing you could see were their heads sticking out.  Fortunately, we managed to save all 6 silkies that had gotten stuck.  

It was sad when I first heard the news from my daughter; however, the sadness was immediately replaced once I saw these tiny little heads sticking out of the snow.  I was laughing so hard it brought tears to my eyes.  It was the funniest looking thing and I really wish I had brought my camera with me to capture the moment.  Since my first reaction was to save my two legged babies, I never got those pictures.  Next time I will make a mental note to put the chickens in their coop and lock the door behind me.  I will also remember to always bring a camera out with me whenever it snows again, just in case I run across something as funny as today's event.  Live and Learn! (: